Custom Web Application Development Trends For 2019 & Beyond [Web Application Scope & Trends]

As we near the beginning of 2019 and head into the 2020s, it is vital for software developers as well as enterprise owners to have an overview of custom web application development trends that will feature predominantly in all web application development processes.

Web Application Development Scop

Owning a business enterprise is one thing. Transforming your business with the best custom web application development for revenue generation is another thing altogether as it involves technical processes and requires specialized skills which in most cases, may not be your area of expertise.

Global statistics predict that almost “85% of all customer interactions will proceed without any human assistance by 2020.”

And that statement rings true especially in today’s context – as a step towards containing the deadly Coronavirus, most citizens of affected countries have been asked to stay at home at self-quarantine, a scenario where the isolated people would depend on the web for prucuring things related to their survival.

Dynamic Web Applications

Web applications are dynamic web-based platforms which provide a range of functionalities from interacting with users, generating real-time results to browsers to connecting to back-end databases. Web appl are finding increasing usage in platforms such as social networking, online banking, E-commerce and e-marketplace sites, content management systems, interactive single and multi-player games, etc.

For creating these web applications there are two broad coding routes that can be taken:

  1. Client-end coding – This is a type of coding where the source code becomes visible, and is built on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, Angular.js, Ionic Hybrid Framework, Ajax to name the most widely used technologies.
  1. Server-end coding – This is a type of coding built on PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Node.js, Spring, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc.

Both the above mentioned coding routes have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of web application you want to build for your enterprise.

Current Web Application Trends

A web application development process has undergone major changes over the past decade with significant makeovers in the areas using complex coding processes to platforms which offer drag and drop mechanism for building a web application.

Here are some web application development trends from 2018 which made significant contribution to this evolving domain.

  1. Introduction and gradual rise Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Usage of Augmented Reality (AR) to increase user engagement on the web app
  3. Introduction of blockchain for stronger data security and robust verification of transactions
  4. Evolution and widespread adoption of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) which can work offline and still deliver an amazing user experience
  5. Dynamic User Interface Design (UI) has made web applications look great and their users feel great during its interactions.

Custom Web Application Trends for 2019 & Beyond

In conclusion, it is worthwhile to mention that as a business enterprise owner you need to think about creating a delightful experience for your web app visitors by offering them faster load times, thorough functionality, and seamless experiences across devices.

That’s precisely why you need to rely on an expert who can guarantee a steady return on investment from your custom web application.