Remote Work During Pandemics: Keeping Communication Secure & Unified [Coronavirus Outbreak and Business Continuity]

In an effort to mitigate the spread of the deadly pandemic Coronavirus (COVID 19), business enterprises across the globe have adopted a remote work policy for their employees. While ‘work from home’ ensures business continuity to a certain extent, it also presents immediate & telling challenges which might derail business goals in the long run.

Here, we discuss the most common challenges faced by those working from home or other remote locations. In the latter half of the post, we introduce you to Project Eagle – a secure, unified communications platform built for seamless collaboration during testing times such as the Coronavirus pandemics.

Remote Work – Challenges & Concerns

The Comfort Zone Situation

No matter what, our home will always present itself as space where we tend to be ourselves and prefer not to think of the stress & pressure an office environment provides. When we bring work home or decide to spend the day getting official tasks done, we are faced with distractions big, small & gigantic.

It could be a running tap, interaction with our own family members, or our loving pets – these are distractions which disallow us from concentrating fully on our task.

Disconnected Collaboration

Added to the distractions, a bigger challenge is staying connected with office colleagues. It is quite easy to feel zoned out when we do not get real-time responses from team members. This can compound the problem as critical projects might get delayed due to lack of instant communication.

Data Security & Cyber Attacks

When working from home, it is a given that we tend to use our home Wi-Fi networks to stay online. While this may seem a good option given the level of connectivity the network may provide, what becomes a huge challenge is insulating the network from cyber attacks and malware bots trying to access vital data.

Companies have to deal with data encryption practices to ensure sensitive data is not left vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

Forbes recently published the dangers of guest networks opening being opening up routers to cyber attacks.

Project Eagle – For Remote Work & Real-time Networking

Seamless Collaboration

Built as a real-time corporate communication and interaction tool for employees working remotely, Project Eagle is a platform that goes beyond existing social and professional networking sites.

Enabled for seamless networking among corporate employees, this app doubles up as a unified communications platform for managing day-to-day interactions & keeping track of tasks status.

The app can also be used for creating groups, instant chats, organizing online meetings, and raising funds for common causes.

When compared to existing social or professional networking tools, Project Eagle provides multiple features on one flexible, customized platform.

Centralized Data Storage & Encryption

Data security is a huge challenge for companies and meeting this requires a definite plan of action.  On a centralized data storage platform such as Project Eagle, business enterprises can look forward to data storage in one secure place.

As this app ensure high-levels of encryption, data is thoroughly protected despite users collaboration from remote locations.

Secure Communication Tool

Project Eagle is a secure, 360° networking platform aimed at nurturing connections between peer groups affiliated to a particular firm.

A composite tool, this is a scalable platform for building camaraderie among members of varied organizations, both within and across industry segments.

Project Eagle has multiple core features for organizational users to communicate individually as well as in groups, while keeping information private and secure.

 Special Projects

Core features include creating profiles, sharing news and updates, and organizing events. In addition to these, the app also allows users to take up special projects such as initiating fundraisers, conduct polls & surveys, and monitor their activity on a user-friendly dashboard.

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