Types of Database Hosting [Database Web Hosting & Services]

Hosting your database which runs on a cloud computing platform allows for scalability, continual availability of the database, and heightened security through multiple layers of encryption.

Before opting for database migration to the cloud or database web services, it is important to understand the types of databases and the levels of possible hosting mechanisms.

Let’s first look at the types of databases.

In terms of structure, the primary types of database systems. They are:

Full Text Database – the simplest form of a database, it is used for organizingrelational database management systems (RDBMS). data into rows and columns. A collection of documents is an example of a text database.

Desktop Database – intended for a single user, this database can store large amounts of data. MS Excel is an example of a desktop database.

Relational Database – the most common type of database, relational databases allow multiple users to access data with heightened security. SQL server, Oracle database are a couple of examples of relational database management systems (RDBMS).

NoSQL Database – one of the most novel databases, NoSQL allows users to access data from bookshelves unlike RDBMS, thereby storing data in large quantities.
Object-Oriented Database – an innovative database, the object-oriented type is similar to the NoSQL database in terms of data arrangement to simplify data storage and access.

Based on the usage and functionality, some of the most popular databases are:
• Centralized Database
• Personal Database
• Commercial Database
• Distributed Database
The full list of databases and the respective functions they serve can be found here.

Database Hosting

When working with large amounts of data it is imperative to opt for a cloud hosting platform which can be managed from multiple locations without having to compromise on data security, back up or recovery.

The right database hosting service allows users to access critical data 24*7 on a dedicated hosting platform. There are quite a few database hosting providers currently in the global market of which Amazon’s database hosting is one of the most popular ones.

Types of Web Hosting Databases

• Oracle
• PostgreSQL
• MS Access