An Overview On The Importance of Cloud Application Development [Cloud Application Development Platforms]

Gone is the phase when companies spent a great deal of revenue in developing applications for purely internal operations. The contemporary phase belongs to cloud computing, a phenomenon that has significantly reshaped the landscape of application development platforms and among them, enterprises dealing with massive data sets are able to design apps in real time, in a cost-effective manner.

However, developing cloud applications seems a relatively new add-on priority for most enterprises, but those which have deployed it already are reaping its benefits fivefold.

Let’s take a peek at what makes cloud application development a rewarding exercise.

Trending Cloud Application Development Platforms

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. Google Cloud Platform
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. IBM Bluemix
  5. Alibaba

These cloud application providers have been most popular as they are competitive and ensure quality service, in real-time. These platforms are considered as having a deep expertise in cloud application development platforms.

Importance of Cloud Applications in Developing Businesses

A recent survey by Merrill-Lynch says that cloud computing is going to emerge as a 160$ billion industry in the near future only through business applications alone. Some of the reasons are as follows:

More Productivity With Cloud Applications

Firms spent considerable amount of man hours on planning, setting-up and maintenance IT infrastructure. Dedicated teams invested time and effort on installation and management of software, backup and other IT problems arising on a continual basis.

With the evolution of cloud applications, the manual installation process is curbed and the same application can be used across geographies by stakeholders. Cloud applications are designed for the respective organization, saving a lot of time which can be used for more productive tasks.

For instance, using Microsoft Office was a time taking task previously and now with cloud storage facility, everything is saved in real-time. Almost every action in cloud computing is automated so that the workforce uses their time for more productive things.

Software Piracy Can be Terminated Through Cloud Applications

Software piracy is a threat for the development and expansion of a business enterprise. This situation can be addressed when cloud computing is adopted widely across industries such as software companies, publishers and distributors.

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Cloud Applications Offer Multiple Storage and Back-up Options

Once in time, a 2 GB hard disk in computers was considered the next big thing and today a computer for domestic usage consists no less than 1 Terra Byte! The future generation will not even know that floppy disks or drives existed because cloud computing will reign in soon and the time where USB drives will  no longer be needed is not far in sight.

Cloud applications offer better, faster and most importantly a secure method, as one need not worry about the data stored on the multi-servers that can be integrated in your personal computer and mobiles if need be.

Even in-case of accidental damages to the device, you can re–synchronize the data and re-store the copy of your files effortlessly without any help of external physical devices. That’s why cloud computing is superior and safe contrary to the traditional forms of storage.

Cloud Applications Opens Up Innovative Career Options For The Next Gen

Information technology (IT) is an integral part of cloud computing/applications and with IT comes a varied scope of job vacancies for the next generation IT aspirants. All we need to do to avail these jobs is to learn and use cloud computing on a regular basis.

With IT, creation of new kinds of job designations in the field are going to emerge. More challenging and committed candidates who are keen to learn and lead the IT industry further will fit-in these new roles.

Make Life Much Easier With Cloud Applications

Technology has inevitably changed lives of masses, however, there are still a major proportion of people who don’t avail the benefits of technology for reasons best known to them. Very soon people will not require hard disk drives or memory cards for their computers and mobiles, they can save all the data on the cloud via internet.

In the near future, cloud computing applications will help all kinds of people from software professionals to online stores, medical facilities, government organizations, students, etc.

Students will be able to save, upload and share documents on cloud storage applications such as Google Drive. They will be able to share, download, take prints anytime and anywhere without physical devices such as USB drives.

All the IT complexities and business enterprise objectives will be addressed with the help of cloud based applications with agility, cost saving and flexibility.