SCM Services

Optimal Supply Chain Management Services and Solutions

SCM ServicesSRISYS is committed to helping business enteprises achieve high performance through optimization of supply chain management functions.

We combine global industry experience and skills in supply chain strategy, supply chain planning, sourcing and procurement, operations and process optimization and logistics and fulfillment to help organizations transform their supply chain capabilities.

We employ an operations-focused approach that leverages analytics to help improve top-line growth, lower costs, increase flexibility, reduce response times and increase productivity.


SCM Services

Supply Chain Strategy

SRISYS helps senior executives align supply chain capabilities and operating model with their business strategies. We take an integrated view of the supply chain that incorporates process, organization, technology and performance measures to ensure corporate strategy is aligned with supply chain strategy.

SCM Services

Supply Chain Planning

SRISYS works closely with our clients to assess their supply chain capabilities and define future solutions that are delivered through process and technology improvements. We develop a strategy that delivers integrated supply chain planning across marketing, sales, finance, operations and supply chain organizations. This is achieved through transformation and integration of demand planning, supply planning and inventory management processes.

SCM Services

Sourcing and Procurement

SRISYS helps clients determine potential areas of savings related to both indirect SG&A costs as well as direct cost of goods sold. We will analyze the procurement model to uncover process improvements and analyze how various technologies can drive efficiencies. We will develop a supplier management strategy to assist clients in managing their strategic and transactional suppliers. This is achieved through supplier segmentation, supplier development, supplier collaboration and supply performance management.

SCM Services

Operations and Process Optimization

SRISYS helps clients deliver operational excellence and execution which are key attributes of leading companies in any industry. Our experience shows that thru’ implementation of the right operating model, business strategy, technology strategy and execution path, companies gain measurable benefits that deliver a true market advantage.

SCM Services

Logistics and Fulfilment

SRISYS helps clients design a logistics strategy that integrates corporate strategy with customer requirements. We will analyze logistics operating model and assist in optimizing the logistics supply-to-customer map. Customer segmentation is a key element in optimizing the fulfilment process to ensure that strategic customer are prioritized.